It was quite a week in 7de Laan last week. Thomas is acting weird. Vanessa and Bonita seems to have made peace. And then there is Diederik.

Diederik collapsed in Oppikoffie and Fikani stepped in revealing that he’s a doctor. But Alexa is suspicious that nobody knew this and wants to know why Fikani is not practising any more. Will we found out this week?

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Monday, 12 March

Charmaine is shocked to find a stranger in her house. Are the Welmans hiding something else?

Tuesday, 13 March

Fikani accidentally reveals information about his past. Connie eavesdrops when Jacobs talks to Aggie.

Wednesday, 14 March

Diederik asks Justin for help. Esti finds out the truth. Vince has a date with a special lady tonight.

Thursday, 15 March

Karmen and Vanessa spend quality time together. Fikani and Alexa don’t see eye to eye.

Friday, 16 March

Alexa gets shocking news from Justin. Amorey wants Willem all to herself.