FNB (First National Bank) on Wednesday morning confirmed the unlikely stories its clients started to share on Tuesday: free money in their accounts.

The bank said an error meant balances had been reflected incorrectly in some accounts.

The highest reported though unconfirmed amount to date is R3,600 but anecdotal evidence suggests a very large number of customers saw lesser amounts, of around a few hundred rand, mysteriously appear in various bank accounts.

That did not last.

According to Daniel Kaan, FNB’s transactional banking spokesperson, the incorrect balances in clients’ bank accounts were due to delayed debit card transactions.

And now FNB wants their money back. According to Kaan, the bank has been in contact with affected customers and the matter “has been resolved” – though that does not appear to be entirely accurate, and the bank may find the situation more tricky than its statement suggests.

But some piled right in.

It is not yet clear how much the bank gave away in total as FNB would not provide further information on questions from Business Insider South Africa.

FNB did not say whether the errors were linked to a system update it conducted over the long weekend.

–Business Insider