As a father to two daughters, actor Kagiso Modupe has revealed how he learnt the importance of being a present father through his own dad’s sacrifices.

Speaking to Gareth Cliff on Cliff Central Kagiso said that even though his father wasn’t well off he took a R2,800 loan from the bank to ensure he got an education, which he would be forever grateful for.

“So I left without them knowing, and I left to study by myself and I had to pay for my own fees. But when he found out, for him to go to a bank and ask for that R2,800 loan, for me that was the biggest thing. I knew how long it would take for him to pay it off but I was so grateful,” he said.

The actor said no matter how busy he gets, he makes sure he’s available for his girls because he saw the effect of growing up without a father had on his dad.

“I look at my father who only found his dad when he was 65 and my dad passed on when he was 70. And when we say found his dad, his family found him because his father had passed away by then. So my dad grew up as an orphan that is why he invested so much in us,” he said.

Kagiso said he’s grateful that his father always stepped up to his role even though he had no model to look up to. Kagiso said he didn’t grow up “rich” but he witnessed his father work hard.

“We don’t come from a rich family. For him to own a four-room house in the townships was an achievement. I remember when I finished school, I didn’t have money to study. They got me a job at Kellogg’s to go and pack boxes,” he said.