A mentally challenged pupil from a school in Soweto will not be suspended due to his condition after he was filmed throwing a brick at a teacher, the Gauteng education department said on Wednesday.

In a video doing the rounds on social media, the teacher is seen running from a pupil at the school.

The pupil takes a brick and throws it at the teacher. A few seconds later, the teacher falls to the ground and the pupil runs towards him and kicks him. Taking one last look behind him, he bolts for it.

“What a silly child that is,” another teacher is heard saying, while another encourages the teacher to run.

“What is your problem?” one teacher asks the clearly aggravated pupil.

“I have been patient with him for too long. Today, he will k*k himself,” the pupil replies.

One teacher tries to speak to him but the pupil replies: “Ma’am, leave me alone,” and runs after the teacher.

“Bheki, Bheki,” the other teachers call out to the pupil.

“Call the cops, guys. Call the cops. [The teacher] cannot be chased around by a child like this,” one person says.