Getting rebuffed by your love interest can hurt, even if you’re a lion.

Mark Williams-Wynn told Latest Sightings that they came across the small group of lions near Skukuza in the Kruger National Park.

“The big lion made a few advances on the female, nuzzling her and trying to get her consent, but every time he was rebuffed with a fierce growl. After the umpteenth attempt, he walked away and started staring at the occupants of the closest car,” he said.

Maybe to impress his lady, maybe out of pure frustration, the lion decided to show off his moves on the vehicle.

“As quick as a flash, he attacked the car and turned back to the female, as if to say, ‘Look how brave I am’. There was nothing that the occupants of the vehicle had done wrong, and they had their windows up, otherwise it could have ended in disaster.”

According to Williams-Wynn, after the vehicle’s shaken occupants drove off, the lion later did the same thing to a safari vehicle after being rebuffed – again.

“This was probably the scariest thing that I have experienced in all of my holidays in the bush. After the second attack, everyone gave the lion a wide berth. Even the female appeared to be abashed of what her consort had done,” he said.